Yeh Family

Yes, it has been over a year and a half since I last blogged, I figured I would give it another go and what better way to pick up blogging again than with this amazing family.

This mom, this super mom, ..well I don’t know if she really knows just how amazing she is. I hope so. First of all, moms of five kids, I mean come on..that’s kinda my jam.. 🙂 . But really, her heart, her kindness seriously just spills out of her.  She’s someone you just want to be around, she is so insanely talented and creative and such a light. And this Dad with such gentleness and strength, I hope he sees how they all look at him with such adoration and love.  Really their whole family just so much connection, togetherness and just fun, I adored seeing them all and hanging out with them while I captured their joy. Really, how could there even be a better job ever? I get to hang with the most awesome people and watch them play, laugh, run, cuddle and just love on each other. I hope that’s what they see when they look at their pictures, how beautiful and loved they all are. It’s what I see and what I most want to show you when I take your family pictures.


Seven is such a great number. Cara and Daniel thank you so much for allowing me to capture this awesome time in your family’s beautiful story. 🙂

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