one year old little sister

One year ago I met this precious little girl and was so lucky to be able to capture her lots during her first year. She grew too fast as babies always do, but I am so very happy this momma loves pictures as much as I do and made sure there were lots of lots of pictures to remember each and every stage. On this gorgeous sunshiney day we headed down to their local beach and were surprised to see a little surf competition. And just a few people…lol. Okay lots. But no worries, we did just fine!
rebecairene-008rebecairene-001rebecairene-002rebecairene-003rebecairene-004happy happy…this makes me so happy! rebecairene-005rebecairene-006rebecairene-007…and being able to make sand angels in January, isn’t that what Southern California is all about?? rebecairene-009rebecairene-010rebecairene-011rebecairene-012rebecairene-013this smile…. 🙂rebecairene-014rebecairene-015Thank you Thank you Thank you Jackie for inviting me to capture your family!!!

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