I was so happy to spend this day,.. just a perfect, sunshiney day at the park with this adorable bunch…  Seriously, this smile….. and this smile….so beautiful

and so sweet…..

and so funny….I just love this whole family!!! and here…the most awesome mom who thinks grass is for running, and falling and rolling and enjoying with her little girls….don’t you just love them? Aren’t photo sessions the most fun thing ever? I think so!:)


Still trying to share some of the fun from last fall, I won’t ever be totally caught up but I will share what I can!

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This gorgeous family dazzles me the way they completely, totally, perfectly enjoy each other. They enjoy the craziness, love and maybe even sometimes peace? …lol.  Only because I am a mom of boys do I really get it, the non-stop energy…the fun and chaos.  And I know these awesome parents take it all in stride while in the here and now with their lively bunch loving every minute, which is such an amazing gift.
there is nothing better than brothers who are so in sync and so ready for hilarious fun during a photo session!

Thanks so much Marina and Paul for sharing your joyful, witty, and awe-inspiring family with me!!

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Just a bit before Christmas I got to meet this perfect, adorable, gorgeous baby boy!

To have had the privilege to capture this couple’s amazing and beautiful wedding day,  and now this magical season of their lives as new parents getting to know their precious newborn has been the most awesome and humbling experience! Thank you so so much Shelly and David!!!


rebeca irene-006

Isn’t it amazing just how tiny and perfect these sweet little hands are?  snuggly moments like these are my absolute favorites.  rebeca irene-001 rebeca irene-002

rebeca irene-003

rebeca irene-005

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I am finally back to blogging! I know it’s just not possible to share every session from this past fall but I will be doing my best to share lots!

I so love this family, I have been incredibly lucky to have know this gorgeous mama from back in my scrapbooking days,…:) Back before she was so blessed with this amazing family of hers. And then we blink and are here, with these super awesome kiddos and a husband who more than adores her. Such happiness and love, the kind that no matter what season of life they are in, they show such strength, support and larger than life love.

And I am so happy I get to see them and capture these real moments for them.  Just pure fun. Thank you so much Alex!

  • Alexandra - January 24, 2015 - 7:51 am

    Rebeca, thank you for the kind words. You have a god given talent,and we are the lucky ones. We love our pictures. You captured the family the way they really are.
    Thanks again for another great year of pictures

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Honestly, life can be crazy busy for everyone. Whether you have one kid, no kids or five kids. But finding a good balance for me is where I am happiest, the most blessed. I am incredibly grateful for it. For a family that loves me unconditionally, for time spent with them on vacations or even running errands to the grocery store, for a photography business working with the most amazing people who are so genuine and appreciative I am so thankful. God has blessed with me with some amazing people.

One way I find my balance is making sure I take time off of our busy crazy and go on an adventure.  We love camping especially.  Here I find my peace.  Long walks, deep breaths, and some fun exploring.  Over Thanksgiving we went to our favorite desert and did just that.

It was perfection.

Sometimes the best long walks are with no kids at all.;)

It has been the most amazing and probably busiest year yet and I have loved every minute of working with all my wonderful clients!!  I love photographing all your beautiful families and loved ones, capturing the the fun, love and sometimes craziness of this adventure-filled life we have.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!!

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