Alexa & Marshall are married!

She asked if she could bring her pups to her engagement session and right away I knew we would be friends! We even stopped off on our way to her reception to grab a quick picture with them on her wedding day. I love weddings, obviously, but some of the things I love the most is how unique and special each one is, when couples make the day personal and just exactly what they want.

Alexa and Marshall’s day was just that, from her handmade gorgeous signs, their awesome bar they brought to the venue, the restored military jeep they would drive off in, to the sweet tradition of toasting with the bottle of wine that was hand signed by grandparents for their special day. The day couldn’t have been more fun, or more beautiful and I adored meeting her whole group who were the nicest people ever. And fun fact, during the wedding is when I realized Alexa actually worked a few doors down from my husband! And that her dad knows him and worked with him too! Such a small world. Thank you so much Alexa and Marshall for making us feel just like family on your perfect wedding day!! (Also thank you for getting desert from Portos, they are my fav) 🙂 🙂

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